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c'è qualcuno che mi può aiutare?
devo fare per domani un breve riassunto e un commento in inglese della poesia "se questo è un uomo" di Primo Levi


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ho trovato questo...spero vada bene...
The autobiographical novel " If this is a man" was written by Primo Levi in 1946, and describes his period of incarceration in a concentration camp between 1944 and 1945. Here, along with all other Jews, is deprived of all, forced to live in narrow berths and dirty, suffer cold and hunger and work hard with unbearable pace, without being able to react, until the arrival of the Allies.

It is clear that the central theme of the novel is the hatred of the Nazis towards the Jews converted in the persecution and deportation to concentration camps.

In these brutal places the Germans began at and humiliated by hard work and forced to submit to their orders prisoners in order to transform them from men who were the beasts who saw in them.

This is also one of the reasons why are applied laws governing the life of the camp, designed primarily to destroy the dignity of every individual. As we learn from the novel, first the Haftlinge, that the deportees were deprived of everything from clothes to hair, the documents name, replaced with a number tattooed on her left arm.

Sleeping berths in close and thick as honeycomb cells of "frequently shared with another prisoner, lunch was represented by a meager ration of stale bread and dinner from a watery soup of potatoes, while they were working inhuman was submitted carry heavy loads without ever able to stand, even in the presence of rain, snow and wind or Sunday.

Since the days of rest were very rare, the only place of respite was the infirmary, known as Ka-Be, but we had to be hospitalized wait for more than ten hours in bare feet to visit and spend the selection between shelters and terminally ill, sent to the gas chambers.

For further aggravate the situation, occasionally, there were selections during which three SS went to the barracks and having observed for a few seconds, the physical prisoners who decided who should live and die "with a yes or no" .

The only way to survive was to steal and trade with shirts, knives or any other kind of necessities what was stolen or their rancho, but in doing so the amount of food was not allowed to recover the energy consumed during the work, and therefore prisoners are often weakened and ill.

Here is what were the conditions of those poor men and poor women guilty only of being Jews. Reduced to animals, robots, live only in body but not in the anime.

Nevertheless, the first bombing awaken in them a sense of hope that gave them reason to resist until the day that would have been released. In fact, this happened and finally those that were just "numbers" returned to be "men" but Levi too weak because of scarlet fever contracted a few days before, could not face a long journey through the cold and hunger, so he had to stay lager in the pending arrival of the Russians.

Passed ten days, and there was more food, not potatoes, there was more human soul, if not the sick left to their fate in Ka-Be. Fortunately Prime and his other companions admitted they too, organized a real struggle for survival until the conquest of freedom thanks to the arrival of the Soviets.

I do not think that there is need to explain why this book, the meaning is clear: to know, we all feel the pain and the feelings that you try to live in a camp in which you must fight to defend its dignity knowing that the fate is now marked, which see thousands of comrades die and you know that sooner or later come even your round.

This is to not forget what has been, what man was capable of doing and make sure that things would not happen again never again.


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