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Venice’s army returned from a successful war against the Turks. Some people had said that Othello, the army general, shouldn’t be in command of the army because he was a black man. Now, people said that Othello was a good friend of Venice. There were two men in Venice who didn’t like Othello: they were Iago and Roderigo. Iago didn’t like the general because he wanted to be Othello’s second in command but the general had appointed Cassio to this position. Roderigo had reason for not liking Othello, too. Roderigo was in love with Desdemona, Brabanzio’s daughter, one of the senators in Venice. Roderigo knew that Othello had been seeing Desdemona.
Iago and Roderigo arrived to Brabanzio’s house and wake everybody up. They wanted Brabanzio to know that his daughter was with Othello. Then Brabanzio came out his house with his servants. He was worried, he thought they were married and he wanted to have Othello arrested.
Iago found Othello and explained him what had happened at Brabanzio’s house. But Othello wasn’t afraid of Brabanzio because he had powerful friends. Then arrived Cassio and told Othello that the Duke of Venice wanted to see him right away because the Turks were going to invade Cyprus. Brabanzio and his servants stopped in the street. He wanted to kill the thief of his daughter but he accepted to make the Duke himself to listen to this case.
At the Duke’s house Brabanzio continued to accuse Othello. He thought that his daughter would never fell in love with a man like Othello. He must had used magic or drugs. Othello answered that he had married her with the magic of the adventures he had. Then he asked to call Desdemona to verify his version of events.
Desdemona arrived to the Duke’s house and she said that she had married Othello. Then the Duke said that he had decided to send Othello to Cyprus to defend the island. He was happy to go but his wife had to have a place to live. Brabanzio didn’t want to take her back so Desdemona decided to go with her husband. Iago was going to bring Desdemona to Cyprus.
Roderigo wanted to kill himself because he loved Desdemona. Iago suggested to come to Cyprus. Desdemona was in love with Othello, at the moment, but that was not going to continue. Iago promised to help his friend because he hated Othello and if he had stolen Desdemona from his enemy that would have made Iago happy .
But a plan began to form in Iago’s mind. If he could make Othello believed that Cassio and Desdemona were in love, he could get Cassio’s job.
Montano, Cyprus’ governor, was worried. He didn’t know how he was going to defence the island from the Turks. One day there was a terrible storm and arrived a ship from Venice. Cassio was on the board and said that some of Turkish ship had sunk. Another ship came in. Iago, Desdemona an Emilia were on the second ship. A few minutes later Othello joined them and he told that the war is over because the Turkish fleet had been destroyed. So they went to the castle to celebrate this victory. Suddenly Othello stopped and asked Iago and Roderigo to go to the port and asked to the captain of his ship to join them.
Iago told Roderigo that Desdemona was in love with Cassio. She had fellen in love with Othello because of the stories he used to tell her. But listening to stories wasn’t enough, a woman wanted beauty in a man and Othello was ugly. Then he explained a plan: when Cassio was going to be on guard at the castle, Roderigo was going to pick a quarrel with him. So Cassio was going to attack and if Cassio had made disturbance, the people of Cyprus would have asked to remove him.
Othello left the celebration early because he wanted to be alone with Desdemona.
Iago asked Cassio to have one more drink to celebrate. But Cassio had already drunk some wine and he didn’t want anymore. He agreed reluctantly. Roderigo was waiting for Cassio. He did what Iago had advised him and stood in the drunk’s man way. When Cassio asked him to move, Roderigo didn’t move. This made Cassio furious and he drew his sword. Roderigo started to cry that there was a murder and ran towards the castle. Cassio followed him with his swords in his hand. Then arrived Montano but Cassio pushed him to the floor. Montano took out his sword and attacked his enemy.
Othello had heard the noise and he came into the hall. He ordered Montano and Cassio to stop to fight and he wanted to know why they were fighting. Iago told him that Cassio attacked Montano so Othello decided to dismiss Cassio for his behaviour.
When Othello and Montano left the hall, Iago told Cassio that there were a way to be second in command again. He suggested to speak to Desdemona and she were going to talk to Othello for him. Cassio decided to take his advice. Iago wanted to make Othello think that Desdemona loved Cassio. Othello was going to believe that Desdemona was helping him because she loved him.
At last, Cassio decided that he would ask Emilia to arrange an interview for him to Desdemona. Later Emilia, Desdemona and Cassio went for a walk in the city. Desdemona reassure him that Othello was not really angry with him, but her husband didn’t want to offend the people of Cyprus. At that moment Cassio looked up and saw Othello and Iago. He didn’t want to meet Othello because he was embarrassed about his behaviour the night before, so he went away.
Iago started to speak about Cassio and Desdemona. He said that Cassio knew Desdemona very well and that Desdemona had deceived her father before she married Othello. Now Othello began to have doubts about his wife. Iago also said that women in Venice have a special talent for seeming good wife , after all Desdemona had seemed a good daughter. Othello now was very confused.
Othello was walking around the town when he remembered what Brabanzio had told him :” She deceived me, she may do the same with you”. Othello arrived house and hide the mad with an headache. So Desdemona put an handkerchief around his head. A few minutes later Emilia came by the house. She saw Desdemona’s handkerchief, Othello’s first present, on the floor and decided to give it to Iago. Iago thought that the handkerchief was going to be useful. He was going to hide it in Cassio’s house so Othello was going to be jealous.
Later that morning Othello and Iago talked again about Desdemona. Iago told the general he had heard Cassio repeating Desdemona’s name in his sleep. He also said that he saw Cassio with the same handkerchief that Othello had given to his wife. Then Othello knew she was unfaithful and he wanted Cassio’s and Desdemona’s death.
When Othello saw his wife he told her he still had headache and asked her to put her handkerchief around his head. But Desdemona took out another handkerchief. Othello wanted to know where was the handkerchief with magic powers because a witch had given to his mother. The witch had told her that she would never lose her husband’s love while she had the handkerchief.
The general believed that Desdemona had given Cassio the handkerchief. He thought that Desdemona and Cassio were lovers. But Othello wanted more proof of Desdemona’s infidelity. This gave Iago an idea. He knew that Cassio had a girlfriend in Cyprus called Bianca. So when Othello hear Cassio talking he thought was about Desdemona, but Iago asked Cassio about Bianca. Cassio said that he didn’t love Bianca but the woman loved him. Othello decided to kill just Desdemona.
Later arrived from Venice Lodovico, Brabanzio’s cousin. He was carrying letters from de Duke who had ordered the general to return and Cassio to take Othello’s place in Cyprus. When Desdemona said that she was glad that Cassio was going to take Othello’s place, her husband hit on the face.
Othello knew that Desdemona and Emilia were friends so he decided to speak to Emilia. He asked her if she had seen Cassio and Desdemona together. Emilia knew that her friend was loyal but Othello was not satisfied so he decided to talk to Desdemona. He said that at the moment he knew the woman she is : the kind of woman that a man could buy in the street.
Desdemona asked Emilia to prepare her bed with wedding sheet and to make come Iago because he could help her. Iago reassure her saying that Othello was worried about the Duke’s orders to go back in Venice. Desdemona asked Iago to talk to Othello.
When Iago came out Othello’s house, he met Roderigo. He thought that Iago had not been honest with him because he promised to help him to win Desdemona’s love. So Roderigo wanted to go home. Iago didn’t want that the story of Roderigo became known so Iago lied. He said that the Duke had ordered Othello and Desdemona to go to Mauritania and he was going to lose her chance with Desdemona unless they could find a way to delay Othello’s departure. Iago also said that the only thing that was going to stop Othello that’s if Cassio died. Roderigo agreed.
Desdemona and Othello had a dinner with Lodovico.
Roderigo and Iago hid themselves near Bianca’s house. When Cassio arrived they attacked him. Othello heard Cassio’s cry and he remembered Iago’s promise to kill Cassio. He thought that Iago was a very good friend. Lodovico also heard the cries and ran out. He saw three man: Cassio, Iago and Roderigo. He was a dangerous moment for Iago. He called out Lodovico to found help. But before Lodovico arrived Iago killed Roderigo.
Othello was sure that Cassio was dead and he was determinate to kill Desdemona. He went into the room where Desdemona was waiting for him. He look at her and it was difficult to believed that someone so lovely could be so unfaithful. Othello said Desdemona that he knew that she gave the handkerchief to Cassio. But Desdemona denied. Then Othello’s fingers tightened around Desdemona’s neck.
Just then Emilia came into the room and she said that Cassio had killed Roderigo. But Cassio was alive. Then Desdemona died. Othello confessed Emilia that he had killed his wife because Iago explained him the proof of Desdemona’s betrayal.
Then arrived Iago and Montano. Emilia understood what had happened and decided to tell everybody the truth. Iago was frightened, he took out his knife and ran towards Emilia. She said Othello that she found the handkerchief and she gave it to Iago. Her husband had to give in to Cassio.
Othello realised that he had killed his wife for no reason. He took his sword and ran to Iago. Iago escape from the room. On the way out he stabbed Emilia. Montano ordered his soldiers to follow Iago and bring him back. Some soldiers holding Iago prisoner. Othello wanted to know why Iago had done that but he didn’t answered. Lodovico interrupt. He had found some letters on Roderigo’s body. Just Othello was under arrest but he suddenly took out his sword and stabbed himself.

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