Due semplici esercizi di inglese, per favore

Messaggioda emyshining » 25 mar 2014, 17:23

Potete aiutarmi?


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nuovo iscritto
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Messaggioda fede1998 » 28 mar 2014, 17:07

questo è l'esercizio 2 fatto un po' di fretta perdonami spero sia ok
a yesterday i had a fight with luke, he didn' call me. what should i do?
b he should call you
a I think it is too late
b well, than you should go on, if you are her, would you try to forget him.
a how
b meet her to go with you to the katie's party
a do you think i should go out, maybe i shouldn't go. luke could call.
b i think that you shouldn't ask me councils. you don't listen to me


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