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Marley, Scrooge’s business partner, was dead. But Scrooge, at his funeral, was happy because on that day he made some money. Scrooge was a mean man: he never spent any money and he never gave anything away. Children never spoke to him and even dogs ran away from him : in fact you could hear Scrooge’s coldness in his hard voice, but he didn’t care.
One Christmas Eve Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s clerk, was coping letters when came in Scrooge’s office Fred, his nephew, and he wanted to say Merry Christmas and invited Scrooge to dinner on Christmas Day. But Scrooge didn’t celebrate Christmas because, during this day, he never made money., so he refused and Fred went away.
Then came in two gentlemen to ask money to help the poor but Scrooge didn’t want to give money to lazy people. When it was time to go home he didn’t want to give his clerk a day’s holiday. He also told him to arrived extra early on the 26th.
When he was opening his home’s door he saw Marley’s face in the knocker. Scrooge wasn’t frightened and he went up the dark. So he sat in front of an old fireplace and, for a moment, he saw Marley’ face in the fire. Then all the bells in the house began to ring. Suddenly they stopped and Scrooge heard a noise of chains, then came in Marley.
Scrooge thought that perhaps the ghost was only the consequence of a bad stomach. Then the spirit gave a terrible cry that frightened Scrooge. Now he believe in him. Marley’s ghost explain him that if a man’s spirit stays away from other people during his life it must walk through the world after his dead but it cannot share the happiness of living people.
In fact, Marley had loved only money in his life so he had to travel and never stop. Now Marley was a prisoner, he had been a prisoner also in his life because he didn’t try to help others.
Then Marley said that there was still hope for Scrooge: he would see three ghosts. Then the spirit walked towards the window and Scrooge follow him: he heard a great noise of crying and the air was full of ghosts.
When Scrooge woke up it was midnight. At one o’clock the Ghost of Christmas Past arrived and took Scrooge into the past. He saw himself when he was a boy. It was Christmas Eve but he was all alone at school. Then he saw himself again with his sister Fanny. She sad that he could come home with her. Suddenly the Ghost showed him the office where he began his first job. His kind, old manager Mr Fezziwing decided to give a Christmas party. Scrooge thought sadly about his clerk Bob. Then he saw himself at 40 with his fiancée Belle. She was crying because she knew that Scrooge didn’t want to marry her. She told him that now he loved money more than her. Suddenly Scrooge saw her when she was older. Her husband told her that Marley was dying and Scrooge was all alone. Scrooge felt very sad and he asked the Ghost to take him away. Then he was in his bedroom again so he got into his bed and feel asleep.
At one o’ clock Scrooge saw a light in the next room. He came in and he saw a giant who was sitting on the sofa and was holding up a torch. He was the Ghost of Christmas Present with kind eyes and long dark hair. When Scrooge touched the Spirit’s clothes he stood in the city streets on Christmas morning.
The Spirit took Scrooge in a baker’s shop and touch some dinners wits its torch to make these extra good. Then they went to the house of Bob Cratchit: mrs Cratchit and her daughter Belinda were preparing the table for Christmas dinner. Then came in Bob with his son Tiny Tim on his shoulders. The child was a crippled and he walked on a small crutch. Scrooge asked the Spirit if Tiny Tim would live but the Ghost answered that the child will die.
Then Scrooge heard happy laughs of his nephew and other people: they were doing a game, twenty questions, which they described an animal that made horrible noise; he was Scrooge.
Then the Spirit opened his coat and Scrooge saw two children looked like monsters.
The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come was wearing long, black clothes and a black hood. This Spirit carried him to the centre of London. At the Exchange he saw a lot of businessman talked about his dead. Then they went into a poor part of the city, in a dark shop where an old man called Old Joe sat with a woman. They were taking some of Scrooge’s money from a box. The woman, who was Scrooge’s housekeeper, said that he had been a selfish old miser, so she had taken dome of his things.
Then Scrooge asked the Spirit to show him somebody who was sorry that he was dead and the Ghost took him to Bob Cratchit’s house where was dead Tiny Tim. Then he said that he had met Scrooge’s nephew who said that wants to help his family.
Then the Ghost took him near his office but he didn’t stop. But Scrooge ran to the window of his office and saw an office but it wasn’t his. Everything was different including the man at the desk. But the spirit led him to a grave and when he saw his name on it he wanted to know if he could change his future. Then he was in his bedroom.
He woke up and said that he would live with the spirits of the past, present and future in him. Than the church bells rang. Scrooge opened his window and asked a boy in the street to go and buy an enormous turkey because he wanted to give it to his clerk. Then he went into the street and spoke to two gentlemen. They were very surprised because he wanted to give lots of money to the poor. In the afternoon he went to his nephew’s house: everybody was happy to see Scrooge. They ate a wonderful dinner.
The nest morning Scrooge was in his office early and he knew that Bob would be late. He arrived at nine-twenty and Scrooge said that he was going to give him a bigger salary. So Tiny Tim didn’t die and Scrooge was a second father to him

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